Love Yo’self Now

Let's be real, we've all done it. We've seen an ad for a dress or swimsuit or maybe we've tried something on at the store and thought "I'll get this when…..."

We put ourselves on the back burner because we think we are not deserving of it now. We aren't the "right" size or shape or it's not the right time "yet".

I understand the desire to lose a few inches or drop some pounds. That's not necessarily an unhealthy mindset...but....(there is always a but) can become one.

Perhaps "that" particular dress is not the right fit or style for you at the moment but there is most certainly one that is.

Is it possible for us to lean into that instead of living in a state of waiting for the perfect moment?

The perfect moment is NOW. There is no right size or shape. The perfect style or fit is the one that makes you feel AMAZING right you are!

Have you ever wondered how a woman is able to rock a certain style even though her figure doesn't meet the "societal norms" to wear it? It’s because style has nothing to do with shape or size and everything to do with you!

YOU are what brings a style to life.

So while you are "waiting" or "working" to achieve your desired goal, DO NOT postpone loving and accepting yourself as you are now.

Celebrate your womanly curves however big or small they are. Reward yourself for all the hard work you are putting in and buy the damn dress if it makes you feel amazing.

Andddd… we head into warmer months...remember this....all bodies ARE bikini bodies!

So, do yourself a huge favor and forget about what others think---do you. Go out there and BeBOLD!

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