Self-Worth is NOT Defined by a Number!


No number can determine your worth:

-Not the number on the scale

-Not the size of of your clothes

-Not the times you’ve failed

-Not the date of a divorce, trauma, or passing of a loved one

Also, self-worth CANNOT be gained! -Not by accolades

-Not by accomplishments

-Not by social/professional status -Not by awards or awards

-Not by fame

-Not by friends, family, or relationships

Self-Worth Self-worth cannot be attached to ANYTHING tangible, material, or outside yourself.

When self-worth orginates from within…from the “untangible” is CANNOT be lost!

On the other hand, when self-worth is attached to a number or an accomplishment self-worth becomes conditional. If we do this, what happens when…

Someone gains weight?

When an athlete gets hurt?

When someone retires?

When a person is laid off?

Are they any less worthy? NO!

Let’s stop attaching self-worth to anything outside of ourselves. They’re is no need to search for it….all you need to do is accept that you are worthy of love, happiness, friendship, success no matter who you are, where you are, or what you have!

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