Fierce, Strong, & Bold

Her Spirit —is fierce—
Her Mind is —strong—
Her Heart is —BOLD—

Over time I’ve come to understand myself more clearly. I’ve come to learn that true beauty and confidence has nothing to do with how we look on the outside or how others perceive us and everything to do with how we perceive ourselves.

So, I’ve stopped looking for those things outside of myself and instead focused on ways to let my true self shine.

Well, first I’ve learned to give myself permission to make myself a priority. This has been a beautiful act of self love because prioritizing my needs means I make time to fill my cup too.

Secondly, I actively work to free myself from “mom-guilt”. I say “actively” because it’s a struggle but removing mom-guilt so I can do things I enjoy, has allowed me to become my own person again.

The past few years have been a journey through self discovery and self love—one I continue today. Let me tell you though, it all starts with taking care of yourself again!

It starts with showing up for yourself in small ways. With drinking water, moving your body, reading, relaxing, and connecting with other women longing for the same things.

I know that sounds silly but stop and think about it. The first person we neglect is ourselves. Trust me…we can all do better at taking care of ourselves. Once you start realizing YOU matter too—you will begin to love yourself more. Before you know it all that self love will seep right out of you for all to see.

Start nurturing yourself today so that we can all witness how fierce, strong, and BOLD you really are.

Go out there and BeBOLD!

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