My Philosophy

BeBOLD Chic is not only a retail boutique it is a philosophy! So, h
ang up your insecurities and own the skin you’re in. 

BeBOLD Chic core values

Body Positivity is about...

  • Feeling spectacular regardless of body shape or size
  • Living in OUR own skin and ceasing to compare ourselves to others 
  • Accepting our flaws and recognizing the beauty in every part of ourselves 

Being BOLD is about...

  • Not shying away from trying new styles because of what other's have said or what other's may think or say; if you love it, wear it!
  • Realizing that the only opinion that matters is OUR own
  • Trying on all-the-things; poor fit it simply means... there is a problem with the fit....NOT a problem with us
  • Is not about the size we wear; it's about learning to rock our size

Self-love is about...

  • Understanding that beauty, self-love, and self-acceptance starts within
  • Strengthening the relationship you have with yourself 
  • Working on positive self-talk
  • Caring for your emotional health
  • Making your physical health a priority
  • Reconnecting with the things that bring you joy 
  • Learning to give yourself grace 

I know it’s not always easy and sometimes extra motivation and support can go a long way. I want all BeBOLD Chics to feel as good on the inside as they do on the outside.

As such, I invite you to follow me @kathybodypositive on facebook or @beboldchic on Instagram where health, wellness, and body positivity are common themes.

Come join me and other positive women pursuing happier healthier lives. 

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