Mirror Mirror on the Wall

They say, "tell your body how much you love it until it's as second nature as brushing your teeth." Hmmmm... really?

I know, I know, it sounds like complete BS but I promise you it’s not! What you say to yourself AND think about yourself absolutely DOES absolutely. 

If we want to start feeling better about ourselves we must change the narrative in our head and the one that comes out of our mouths. 

Does this mean that we will wake up one day and magically love all our dimples, wrinkles, rolls, and stretch marks?
No! What it means is that in time we will begin to accept that these “imperfections” do not define us. In time we will see beyond these things and recognize we are and always have been beautiful sexy confident women! 

The truth is we can hold space in our heart to accept ourselves as we are and seek to improve aspects of ourselves, as long as doing allows for continued growth and self-love.
Listen, if makeup builds your confidence, wear it! Just learn to love yourself without it too. Same holds true for nails and hair and heck even Botox, fillers, and plastic surgery. 
Perhaps to some this sounds like a mixed message...perhaps maybe they are right.

To me though...it makes perfect sense. I didn't hate my body before I had my breast augmentation and I don't hate it today. It was simply the right decision for me.

Despite my procedure, my body is still far from what others may perceive as perfect. No matter what I do it will always be that way.

It doesn't matter though because the things I do, I do FOR me! After all, the only opinion that really matters is my own.

So, I still show up nearly every day to move my body. I still aim to eat a well balanced diet. I still work on meditation, spirituality, personal development, and mindset.

Why? Because these are ways I show myself love. It is through these behaviors and others like them that I am able to find self-worth and maintain my body positive mindset and you can too. 

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