Wait, Goal Weight?

Let’s be real. A “goal weight” is often some number we pulled from thin air. It “sounds” good, it’s likely based on a previous weight maybe before babies, illness, or injury.

Well, guess what? Goal weight and healthy weight don’t mean the same thing!

There doesn’t have to be a huge difference between the two either.

Maybe your “goal weight” is 125 but you’re working your ass off and hanging around 129-131.

Your goal weight can be in safe range yet still be unhealthy FOR you.

Health is a balance of mind, body, soul, and spirit. A healthy weight supports those things too because health is a state of WELL-being.

If you’re showing up consistently, eating reasonably, happy, energetic, and in control of your mood, rest, and stress you’re likely in a state of well-being.

So, what would it take to lose the extra pounds? More dieting, restricting, working out and more stressing, and self-hate?

Would any of this get you to this magical goal weight? Maybe…If so, will your body “look” and feel the way you want it too then??? Likely not! Once your there will you shoot lower only further perpetuating the abuse?

Well..I had a magic number once too (140) and I used to stress my cellulite like crazy. So…I dieted, and exercised, and I explored all the ways to help improve it.

Here is the thing…I’m not saying I’m going to stop working out and I’m not saying I’ll never try some cream, potion, or laser to improve it.

What I am saying is…I AM healthy! I do not weigh 140 and I still have cellulite but I am at a healthy weight FOR ME.

I learned it was more important to accept myself as I was and be healthy than to continue badgering myself over something I could not control.

I could probably get to 140 but I am simply not willing to pay the price to get there.

I will not compromise my mental health, emotional state, and self-love for anything. I accept myself as I am—a strong, sexy, & BOLD woman!

I can say with 100% certainty that I love myself…that is more important to me than the number on the scale or dimples on my legs.

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